AVB Public School (Recognised By DoE & Affiliated To CBSE) was born out of a vision. A vision that sought to establish an educational institution directed at an all-round growth of its students. It was this thriving ambition to go beyond the ordinary that prompted the founder, Shri G. D. Verma to set up AVB Public School with the objective of turning out responsible citizens with sound physical and mental health and a keen awareness to our cultural heritage. Founded in 1973, the school continues to build on that vision through relentless efforts to provide the ambience for achieving a balanced personality development.


AVBPS: The pioneer of fostering talent and character
Aren’t kids the perfect epitome of innocence and curiosity? With innumerable, vast questions popping in their heads and the constant urge of finding answers for every possible question, kids are always on an infinite journey of learning and knowledge. To help them find direction, and to enlighten their path, Adarsh Vidya Bhawan Public School is doing its every bit. Among the top 10 CBSE Schools in East Delhi, we have reserved a place because of our perseverance to excel and our versatile curriculum.

The first step towards your child’s impeccable career
There is no denying the fact that education is the foundation on which the progress of a nation is dependant. Knowledge creates profound implication on the social, economic as well as personal development of a person and so knowledge acquisition is significant.
We bring the legacy of conventional educational values and hyper-targeted, contemporary, educational frameworks to make learning easier. Among all the best schools in Patparganj, Delhi, we tend to be a distinguished name because of our unique approach to education. We firmly believe in the fact that it is crucial for children to feel happy about themselves. Kids are like the sunshine that sustain the aura of positivity in their hearts. We help them to carry forward this positive vibe all throughout their life by introducing them to a broad range of subjects.
As the best-in-class option among all the schools in IP Extension, Patparganj, we understand the value of responsibility and efforts. This is why our school’s foundation is laid on the strong components of optimism and happiness to create a profound impact on the wellbeing of students.

AVBPS for a better future
AVBPS is affiliated with CBSE and follows all the stringent guidelines that are necessary to match the standards of any CBSE affiliated school. Being an excellent option among all the best schools in East Delhi, we try our very best to unfold your child’s conceptual, motor, creative, cognitive, and language skills. As a reckoned name among the top 10 schools in East Delhi, we merge the best of modern and traditional techniques for students to encourage meta-learning.
With decades of experience in the teaching and kindergarten world, we provide you with the peace of mind that your kid’s personal wellbeing and development will be taken care of. Gone are the days when you have to surf for the best CBSE Schools near me because now we are there to your rescue. Get in touch with us for further queries and welcome your child towards a holistic educational journey.