Years to grow, life to live: AVBPS for enlightening curious, young minds


Driven by the values of knowledge, love, and respect, our educational program for pre-schoolers are a manifestation of our beliefs. At AVBPS, our curriculum delivers learning experiences to hone age-appropriate skills and develop your child’s imagination.


Our commitment to persistently enhance the learning process of your children makes education fun. We join the dots of every kid’s individual persona and create a framework for the emotional and social betterment of the kids. AVBPS is the best nursery school in East Delhi because we make learning look like an exciting, joyous experience for your little ones.


What do we teach?

We have an extensive learning process that facilitates learning capabilities like:

  • Cognitive Learning
  • Spatial Visual learning
  • Logical Learning
  • Gross Motor Skill enhancement
  • Intrapersonal learning
  • Interpersonal Learning
  • Tactile learning
  • Musical learning
  • Fine Motor skills


Our faculties use pedagogical tools to analyse actions, behaviors, measures, and structures that are a translation of infant intentions. Besides, we also emphasize to promote the significance of a clean and green environment to enhance environmental sustainability among our students.


At AVBPS, the best preschool in East Delhi, we also recognize the importance of family. This is why our PTMs are focused on creating a communication channel between parents and program staff to ensure that the well-being and emotional health of the child remains a priority. With innovative playschool workshops that practice multiple learning styles, we empower your munchkins to be ready for the world out there.


Enroll your kids in AVBPS. Enroll for the experience of a lifetime

Education isn’t a single step procedure. It is a continuous step-by-step process whose base has to be built in the youngest years. Pick Avb Public School, the best preschool in East Delhi, and help your kid embark on a step-by-step learning experience. The curriculum are designed based upon an understanding of the present interest of the individual infants combined with the sequence and milestones of infant development. This maximizes the learning capacity and the intuitively designed workshops create an amazing learning environment for the little ones.


Come pay us a visit and find out how happy your kid will be when he lands in a preschool which is as exciting as AVBPS!